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Reviews from the community:

TM tube:
   "nydelig OLDisser :D"
dutchman:   "nice one! calling yourself "overaged" and choosing "who wants to live forever" - what a great combination ;)"
r2d2:   "kjempe vid OLD!!!! gratis fra ungarn:D"
Shankiii:   "WOW.. all members are older than 30 :O crazy :)"
baetisrhodani:   "Superb presentation of the greatest team of all time!"
jux:   "Very nice video!!NIce car!!"
OLI:   "denne var bra film, og alle er over 30. litt sykt."
TimeBreaker:   "very nice video guys, I thought OLD was just a joke-tag, didnt expect youre all 30 , youre damn fast for being that old^^ gg for beating fosco ! =)" 
t00b:   "I didn't know that OLD was because of the age :P But whatever.. You guys can pwn xD Really cool teamvid.. nice choice of song, and funny idea with the mission to hunt BadBoy Fosco.. Also loved the view of all the cars in line, looked awesome.. This video is well made, and great from start till the end ;) 5/5.. Great work Rommel.. And an extra well done to OLD/Torres for this lovely map.. Everyone gotta love serpentine.. A great match track, and wonderfull speedtech ;)"
HappyBahamut:   "great vid, what more can i say. all thumbs up, at least two." 
TMCreative:   "hehe nice"
RossA:   "
Den var jævlig nice. Mye bra fakta "
Torger:     "
Nice! Beste klanpresentasjon jeg har sett ^^"
Abelll:    "
HEFTIG..............BRA SKIN!!!! kødda Filmen var helt rå...beste representasjonen jeg har sett <3<3. Satt med hakeslepp å så på vidunderet !!!"
Ypsilon:   "
Nice, beste clan filmen jeg har sett "
Games:   "
Dæven, for en klanpresentasjon! Veldig bra laget OLD; genial idé og line opp alle sammen! 10000000/10 !"
Frode:   "
Herlig video OLD 10/10"
Granpa:   "
God idè, dyktig arbeid, fantastisk resultat "
Lion:   "
Konge! Lo da jeg leste "listen up people! I have a mission for you!" Uansett er delen der dere står oppstilt utrolig bra. Godt jobba! "
-Dizzy-:   "
Tror det må være det beste jeg har sett. Fikk frysninger på den lineup-delen, helt sykt bra!! Som noen sa tidligere misunner jeg virkelig sammholdet dere har i klanen:)"
PHP:   "
Det må jeg si. En meget spesiell film, men som absolutt falt i smak.
knall Rommel. Virkelig bra. 10/10 fra meg, og det er vel første gang jeg gir til noen:)
Go Old! Håper dere fortsetter å kjøre i lang lang tid fremover. !"
Fazer:   "
Utrolig! Kjempebra! 100000000000000000000/10 Lenge leve OLD/ "

BB Larz:   "Virkelig imponerende denne filmen var, ja! Veldig kult med nye ting i en film, som for eksempel slik du gjorde med å presentere OLDs Line up! "
SKB:   "Fantastisk bra video! :] Noe av det aller beste jeg har sett her på forumet.
Likte spessielt delen med oppstillinga og pressentasjonen. 10/10 - Knall ide
! "

She-Nighten:   "Må sei jeg er VIRKELIG imponert av filmen! 10/10"

TMX forum:
MNM:    "Epically awesome"
HardDance:   "Awsome video. Loved the line up ^^"
Peteypablo7:   "wow very amazing video OLD/Rommel. great one with all those replays. Great intro with the text too. Good job"
Gockel:    "Awesome video! great camera angles sometimes, very nice ideas, the line-up is especially lovely great music, some really good driving.... i really enjoyed watching this a whole lot!!! "

OWN forum:
OWN R@F:   "Helt rått!!! Virkelig imponert!"
OWN Hopaneng:   "jævli bra film! nesten som ei historie:P"

TM forum:
Dec:   "Nice work"
Mr_MAO:   "Wow. That video was... odd. But really cool! Nice job guys"
occam:   "The starting grid scene is amazing - Jotne and Down sticking out :-> first being very lively and jumpy and then managing to get in line perfectly like the rest of the squad.
The perspective and the camera angle when YNWA, your newest member is rolling through the lines is just gigantic and intimidating.
Admirers of military parades will never be the same again, if they would see this movie - they would find tears in their eyes - so tense and vibrating is the atmosphere. And that from the most peaceful game ever - they will never be able to look at rocket parades with familiar pleasure again - they instantly would have the wish to play Trackmania instead and brake a WR or at least watch an OLD movie - that is so much more powerful concerning mood and atmosphere.
And man, like a force of nature did a smile take possession of my face, when that speech bubble appeared above YNWA's car, stating he was reporting for duty.
Great job, Rommel and your Forty-five
Alinoa (NADEO developer):  "Nice movie and great story ^_^" 

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